VVD council, City of Breda, wants organisation locked up in jail to prevent a weekend full of forest raves

BREDA – VVD council, Municipality of Breda, wants to lock up the organizers of ‘De Raaf’ to prevent them from continuing the weekend full of raves they recently announced.

“This means that if these organizers are caught on Friday, they can stay in their cell until Sunday, in order to prevent any more illegal forest raves taking place,” VVD councillors Rick Zagers and Eddie Förster wrote this to the City Council of Breda as a result of an article in BN DeStem.

Rave Union

In that article, De Raaf announced that they wanted to keep several illegal raves in one weekend, out of protest to the Municipality. The action is announced under the name Rave Union via Facebook. Where and when the event exactly takes place is secret. With the action, De Raaf wants to make a statement to the municipality: either pursue illegal raves or offer a permanent place for alternate culture in Breda.

“It can never be that an organization like De Raaf can blackmail the Municipality of Breda,” says the local VVD.

Take their equipment

Zagers and Förster want to know from the city council whether it sees opportunities to seize used facilities such as music installations during an illegal rave. Furthermore, the couple asked whether the council would approve with locking up the main organizers to prevent the raves from happening. That request sounds more like something out of the movie ‘Minority Report’, in which people get arrested before they even committed their crime. An odd request to a city council by a ‘liberal’ political party like the VVD.

The West Brabant police responded to the plans of ‘Rave Union’ in a article from local media BN DeStem: “We are giving priority to ending it because the parties are unwanted and can be dangerous.”

A suggestion from our newsroom

We have two suggestions to the VVD in Breda to strengthen their plan. Lock up all youth in Breda, so the raves won’t have any visitors. And close all rental shops for this summer,…

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