A home remedy for a Texas pest has gone viral. A Facebook post claims the trick to getting rid of chiggers is butter, but is it true?

The post says you should rub an area with chiggers in butter then scrape the itchy bugs off with a knife. It has been shared close to 8,000 times.

Our Verify Team decided to take a closer look.

  • It’s a common home remedy, such as using coconut oil or clear nail polish on the area.
  • But experts say the problem with those cures is they are based on the myth that chiggers burrow into your skin.
  • The fact is chiggers don’t do that, so you don’t need to suffocate them using an oil or nail polish.
  • Instead, doctors recommend washing the affected area with soap and hot water. Then treat the bites with an over the counter itch remedy like cortisone or calamine.
  • Although scraping them off with butter and a knife probably won’t do any damage, it isn’t necessary to get that messy to deal with this itchy bug. 

In conclusion, we can verify this home remedy is false. But it isn’t dangerous.

Chiggers- Alabama A&M and Auburn University Research 

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