Use These Apps to Learn How to Speed Read 

Reading is dope, so if you want to do more of it you should probably get better at it. The average human meat sack can inhale words through their eyes at a prodigious 250 words per minute, but speed-reading software can supposedly up your intake to close to 1000 words per minute if you’re dedicated. Be warned: various studies have shown that speed-reading methods might not be as effective as slower, traditional reading, and may dampen comprehension.

Either way, it’ll take more than that to get you through Gravity’s Rainbow (I suggest you put some money on it) but these speed-reading apps should help you build up the confidence you’ll need to believe in yourself long enough to finish it.

Boba (iOS)

It’s always a surprise to me when I talk to someone who doesn’t use Chrome on their iPhone. Apparently die-hard Safari fans exist, and if you use the built-in Reading List feature you’re probably getting all your reading done in there anyway. The Boba app brings a bit of speed-reading functionality to whatever article you’re consuming through a Safari extension.

Find an article, tap the share button, and enable the speed-reading extension. You’ll see the speed-reading interface on the bottom of the screen while the plaintext version of the article hangs out above. You can adjust the words per minute anywhere from 50 to 450 depending on your reading level, but that’s about it in terms of customization.

Boba uses Spritz, a speed-reading service that can be integrated into a variety of apps. The Boba app itself is a web browser that links to popular news outlets and lets you speed read there, but its interface is clumsy.

Outread (iOS)

Outread lets you pull from reading lists you already have. Finding a story is easy, thanks to its integration with other reading and bookmarking services (like Pocket or Instapaper). Subway readers can relax; Outread also supports offline reading. In terms of customization, you can futz with features like reading speed, font,…

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