Transforming Workplace Warriors into Teams Through Treetop Zip Lining

“Unfortunately, many Americans feel disengaged at work because of a disconnect with management.”

Research has shown that happy, engaged employees perform better and stay with their employer longer.1,2 According to recent data, highly engaged employees were 87% less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts.1,2 Companies with engaged employees earn 2.5 times their competitors with low engagement levels.1,2 Leadership experts, like Empower Adventures’ Joe DeRing, believe that the more time employees spend with each other, the more engaged they will become.

A Gallup poll indicates that 70% of Americans feel disengaged from their job.1,2 Reasons for disengagement include lack of feedback and direction, lack of understanding or connection to the organization’s mission, feeling underappreciated, lack of socializing activities and a feeling they are not properly compensated.1 However, while feeling undercompensated may contribute to a feeling of disengagement, money is not the reason most people ultimately leave their job.1,2 Although 89% of employers believe employees leave for more money, in reality only 12% leave for a raise.1,2 Research suggests that poor leadership is to blame for a high turnover rate: 75% of employees leave their job because of their boss.1,2

Management can engage employees by improving communication with their team.1,2 Recent data indicates that less than 50% of employees believe that their company discusses issues in an honest, effective manner.2 In addition, only 40% of employees are aware of their organization’s goals, strategies and tactics.1 Transparency and ongoing communication about the company’s mission – not just deadlines and task-related issues – is vital to making team…

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