The Skyworth G platform car navigation TV

Innovation is an enterprise the power source, the only constant innovation in order to forever preserve the leading position in the market, Skyworth car navigation TV to go through the E platform, once again launched a revolutionary product – the G platform for car navigation TV platform, E, compared to generation of products, the G platform to bring innovative changes worth noting.

Display aspects: First, the G platform UI by the analog VGA signal into a digital RGB signal, quality improvement, while using the popular Andrews body interface, icon design, dynamic style, simple operation, convenient interface operation Smart support for personality change skin, commonly used functions icon personality to replace drag into the slide, gradient effects, and give users a good touch experience. Secondly, the industry’s highest 500cd / m  High-definition LED display, coupled with high permeability glare technology to eliminate screen pale summer sunlight, bleached, highlights the conclusion of the technology and life, highlighting a more personalized service convenient screen brightness adjustment to adapt to the environment of car use, more comfortable viewing, the interpretation of the new realm of interior images.

Furthermore, the first of the three-year tariff built-in digital TV business, and its built-in digital TV in full compliance with the national CMMB standard, relying on the core technology and Skyworth Skyworth’s color TV patent “cool” display technology to reach more than 8 results, details of the performance of gray levels is more prominent, more vibrant colors to clear the screen more layered, super signal receiving and decoding capabilities, the program decode smooth and natural continuation of the wonderful moments of mobile TV.

Hardware design: G platform for the first time using double-metal structure, and the car navigation market is a space of movement and motherboard, it will lead to the motherboard that comes out of the heat is delivered directly to the above movement, we know, the movement is the most important accessories, such heated directly causing such as its reading, the slow response, while also potentially slow down the movement of life, so we used the two-tier structure, the motherboard and movement using the version of cadmium was divided into two spaces, so you can effectively avoid the movement problems caused by the high temperature, while the upper movement layer sealed structure, to ensure effective movement, and other core components from dust pollution, reduce the external pollution, in order to effectively delay the bald aging, extend the movement of life; However, this innovative design along with another problem, that is,Main products: car DVD player with good quality. the space occupied by the motherboard layer is only 1/2, and heat dissipation To solve this problem, engineers boldly added a new technology products – smart temperature controlled fan system with the original, by constantly monitoring the…

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