Raul and Mirna Laguerre’s son, Raul Jr. has completed his 10-year criminal sentence for sexual assault charges, including sodomy, and is being confined indefinitely under New York’s civil commitment law.
Peter Carr/lohud

A stark, tree-lined roadway leads to the secluded Central New York Psychiatric Center in Marcy, a rust belt town where hundreds of mentally ill sex offenders are locked up without much chance of release and obscured from public scrutiny. 

They are considered the most dangerous sexual criminals in New York, such as a Westchester County man who raped six women in the 1980s and a man described as “the dark side of the U.S. Constitution” by a Rockland County judge after his two decades of sex crimes, including the slaying of a girlfriend.

On a blizzardy December day, a reporter drove the barren route for the first known media interview inside the heavily guarded stone-and-brick building that houses these sex offenders.

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SEX OFFENDERS: 9 from Westchester, Rockland held under civil commitment

Cleared by the sentry booth, the rare visitor walks through a chain-link corridor wrapped in razor wire. Electric buzzers unlock gates, the sounds of maximum security echoing on the state property steeped in America’s dark history of insane asylums shuttered long ago as inhumane.

The interview unfolded in a cafeteria-style room, and guards sat at a nearby desk during the hour-long questioning of Raul Laguerre Jr., one of 231 men confined there indefinitely under New York’s civil commitment law…