Tandingan: Being a problem solver is awesome

IT MAY not be Wayne Lorenz Tandingan’s dream course, but the standout from the University of San Carlos (USC) still managed to climb his way to top the Chemical Engineering board exam.

Becoming a chemical engineer was not Tandingan’ss initial plan. He wanted to take a triple major in chemistry, physics, and biology.

“I was interested in the natural sciences,” he said.

Tandingan, however, saw the same natural sciences applied in chemical engineering, although in a way different from what he expected.

“I still learned to love the course and the thought of being a problem solver is awesome too,” he said.

Tandingan placed first in the May 2017 Chemical Engineering board exam with a rating of 85.20 percent.

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The USC graduate admitted that he was a bit relaxed as he studied at his own pace.

“I don’t have a consistent study schedule and my girlfriend often drags me to study in cafes or in fastfood restaurants,” he said.

The most stressful part for him was to prepare his mind and body before taking the test.

“My mind had to handle the pressure of having to pass the exam to continue the 100 percent passing rate streak and also to not disappoint my family and the school,” he said.

Tandingan also admitted that he had to “handle six to eight hours of sitting and answering” as a part of his preparation for the board exam.

Tandingan came from a family of achievers. His sister graduated cum laude in management accountancy, while his brother was a magna cum laude in computer engineering. He was the first though to top a board exam.

“Maybe it indeed runs in the blood,” he said in jest.

Tandingan already has a contract to work in an oil company in the Philippines as he was a scholar of the firm.

He and his family are in Japan for a vacation. They are set to return to Cebu on June 11. (SunStar Philippines)

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