Riverdale hears ethics board findings in complaints against Councilwoman Stamps-Jones | News

RIVERDALE —The Riverdale City Council voted Monday to postpone any decision to reprimand Councilwoman Cynthia Stamps-Jones after the city’s ethics board sustained allegations of ethics violations levelled against her.


Councilwoman Cynthia Stamps-Jones

Damon Elmore, the attorney independently representing the ethics board, presented to the council the board’s findings after reviewing the complaint and determining its claims to be valid. The board presided over a June hearing to allow Stamps-Jones to defend herself against charges brought by her accuser, Councilman Kenny Ruffin.

Ruffin submitted a sworn complaint to the city clerk in May, accusing Jones of eight counts of ethical misconduct related to her role as a city official. He alleged that on three occasions Jones abused her power with the intent to coerce, apparently in relation to the scheduling of events free of charge at the Riverdale Town Center. Stamps-Jones was also accused of two counts of interfering as an elected official with the job duties of city employees, two counts of misrepresentation and intentionally breaching the city’s code of ethics, and one count of conduct undermining public confidence in the integrity of public servants.


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