Review: Tom Bihn Parental Unit Bag

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Tom Bihn’s bags. My everyday carry bag is the Tom Bihn Ristretto (reviewed on GeekDad here). And when I travel for 2-3 days trips I now almost exclusively use the Tom Bihn Tri-Star (also reviewed on GeekDad here).

The Parental Unit is a sharp-looking bag (Photo from Tom Bihn)

So with Father’s Day coming up, I figured it was a good time to review another Tom Bihn bag, but I wanted to do something a bit different. One common need among many dads is a bag for taking to the gym. I’ve been using an over the shoulder sling style bag for gym use for many years, but honestly it works just “okay” and it’s bigger than it needs to be. So I contacted Tom Bihn and they suggested a couple of bags that would work as a gym bag. The one that piqued my curiosity was the Parental Unit. I’ll just get this out the way right now, the Parental Unit is a diaper bag. Yes, I am using a diaper bag as my gym bag. But here is the interesting part: nobody has any idea that the bag I am carrying to and from the gym was primarily designed to be a diaper bag (except for my wife and kids, but they make fun of me no matter what, so I consider this as a feature… a source of comedy for them).

…you won’t look like a dork with some huge encumbrance slung over your shoulder, whacking nice people in the face as you navigate the narrow aisles of public transit or cozy restaurants. We particularly eschewed goofy printed fabrics: if you want a bag that screams “I’m a parent!”, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

—Tom Bihn

For me, a gym bag needs to be just big enough to hold my shoes, a change of clothes, a couple of small towels, headphones, weightlifting gloves and some small toiletry items. That means it needs to have quite a few small pockets and at least one main compartment for clothes and shoes. The Parental Unit has all of this and more. So here is exactly what Tom Bihn sent me for this review:

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