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An information tour to the premises of the Careline Clinic Private Psychiatry Hospital in Kimberley was conducted on Saturday (08/07).

Cllr Hansie Strydom said they pride themselves on the exceptional quality care in an effort to alleviate mental health cases throughout the province.

According to him, the cost effectiveness of the services the clinic offers is the basic advantage of the institution.

“You can get a lot of exposure and therapy time at a relatively low cost even if it is a medical aid patient,” explained Strydom.

He said most of the patients are admitted for depression and mood disorders.

Strydom is confident that their self-help and treatment programmes successfully address these conditions after several intervention sessions.

With the establishing of this clinic, an alternative has been found for residents of the Northern Cape to receive psychiatric treatment in their area.

Previously, the patients had to travel long distances to Bloemfontein or Cape Town to private institutions.

The Careline Clinic Private Psychiatry Hospital was opened after the realisation of the shortage of psychiatric institutions in this region.

It opened its doors for the first patients in August 2015 thanks to funding from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

The long anticipated clinic currently has the potential to accommodate 68 patients – 24 males, 24 females and 20 children aged 12 to 18.

It offers services on voluntary admission for substance abuse and child-adolescent psychiatry for medical fund as well as private patients.

The clinic treats patients for, among others, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, grief and also gambling addictions.

On the day of the tour, guests in the medical field, including representatives of several non-governmental organisations, split into different groups where they interacted on different topics ranging between occupational health therapy, psychopharmacological disorders, substance abuse, as well as mental health and the therapy involved in aerobics sessions.

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