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This week police officers across the country will be out in force to try and catch drivers ignoring the law.  

Since December 2003 using a mobile phone while behind the wheel has been illegal. 

In March 2017, the to £200 and six penalty points from £100 and three points. 

Under the , motorists who have held their licence for less than two years would be disqualified, instead of the standard 12 point ban. 

Despite the well publicised fines and penalty points you can receive for flouting they rule, it doesn’t seem to be enough for most motorists. 

Latest figures for the RAC have revealed that almost half of motorists wouldn’t stop using their mobile phone while driving even if they’re caught by the police. 

According to the figures for two thirds of motorists it would take actually having an accident, threat of losing a job and national awareness campaigns to get them to change their attitude on using phones while behind the wheel. 

In addition to this, 50 per cent of those surveyed said that if they knew a victim, had a near miss or the threat of a punishment could deter them. 

Pete Williams, a spokesman for the RAC’s Be Phone Smart campaign, said: “It seems reasonable to expect that causing an accident while using a handheld phone would be enough to force every driver to change their ways.

“But our data suggests otherwise – while six in ten motorists told us they thought that would motivate them to kick the illegal habit, that indicates a remarkable four in 10 didn’t think it would.

“This is a worrying statistic and suggests some drivers are still failing to see just how distracting using a handheld phone at the wheel can be, even though it has been illegal in the UK since 2003.”

According to Operation Ringtone, which is being launched by both Suffolk and Norfolk police forces, if you take your eyes away from the road for just three seconds while travelling at 70mph you will travel the length…

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