Police reports released about behavior of accused mass shooter

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Disturbing information about the behavior of suspected mass shooter Jason Dalton while in jail was uncovered through behavioral records.

Newschannel 3 investigative reporter Walter Smith-Randolph reported what the 54-page document detailing Dalton’s behavior while in custody at the Kalamazoo county jail show.

Dalton is awaiting trial on multiple counts of murder in connection to a shooting spree across Kalamazoo County that killed six people and injured two more.

Dalton has had several outbursts, assaulted jail staff and one deputy was sent to the hospital after he said Dalton attacked him, according to the report.

Dalton’s behavior at the Kalamazoo County jail has been anything but normal. An outburst at shooting survivor Tianna Carruthers his 2016 preliminary hearing was just the beginning.

The report says when Dalton got back to the county jail, he tried to make a run for it before being restrained and Dalton also made his body go limp during jail transports which forced staff members to carry him.

The report states that Dalton’s behavior is just as bizarre inside the jail.

In May 2016, Dalton’s cellmate said that Dalton talked about killing a deputy, saying he wanted to cut their throats. Deputies were then warned to use caution when interacting with the alleged killer.

Another incident, Dalton charged at a deputy. Jail guards hit Dalton twice in the knee in order to subdue him.

Documents show Dalton was also hoarding items in his cell.

The report states that a search in April 2017 found 8 rolls of toilet paper, 30 bars of soap and excessive amount of drink packets.

According to the report, Dalton has been written up for several minor misconducts for possession of unauthorized property and for writing on his cell doors.

Dalton’s trial date has been put on hold while the court of appeals weighs a motion filed by his defense attorney.

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