Planning a Trip With the Help of Google Home

It is capable of a wide range of tasks beyond answering users’ questions. You can use your voice to control your home’s thermostat, play shows and movies on your television or play music throughout your house.

The first and most important thing to know about Google Home is that while it speaks several human languages, it also has a language of its own.

Google recommends starting each interaction with “O.K., Google” (“Hey, Google” works as well), which will prompt the speaker into receiving a query properly. It will light up and flash its signals when it’s ready.

Patience is also crucial. If at first you don’t succeed, it may not be because of what you’re asking, but because of how you’re asking it. For example:

Human: “O.K., Google, when does flight 3459 from Delta Air Lines arrive at La Guardia Airport?”

Google Home: “Sorry, I’m not sure how to help. But my team’s helping me learn.”

Human: “O.K., Google, when does Delta Air Lines flight 3459 arrive at La Guardia Airport?”

Google Home: “Delta 3459 from Pittsburgh to New York City is delayed and arrives in 32 minutes.”

Preparing a Trip

I found this stage of my mock journey the most helpful and practical. Whether you need help deciding where to go or when to go there, Google Home has ideas.

One of the neater tricks is asking it about what time of year is best to visit a city.

Human: “O.K., Google, when is the best time to visit London?”

Google Home: “According to Visit London, autumn is a lovely time to visit London, as the weather is mild (11 to 15 degrees Celsius)” — 52 to 59 Fahrenheit — “and you can enjoy a variety of annual events, from Total Thames Festival to Halloween celebrations. To read more, look for the link in your Google Home App.”

On my iPhone’s Google Home app, there was a link to a

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