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America is one of the world’s most popular places for the sport of white water rafting. Their vast array of rivers and canyons allows for plenty of rafting to be enjoyed by both professionals and beginners. Many who are water sporting enthusiasts will travel to the country just to take part in some extreme white water rafting. The United States provides a wide range of choices when it comes to areas that are great for the water based activity.


Each region of America offers a selection of different rivers. California, Colorado, New York and Utah are just a small number of states that can be enjoyed by water sporting partakers. Depending on your level of expertise, there are many different grades to opt for.


The California region features a vast array of choices. The Middle Fork is an amazing experience, from the Oxbow Reservoir to the Drivers flat, there are sixteen miles of cartwheels, first flips, kanaka falls, chunders and tunnel chute rapids. Situated in a secluded canyon, the middle Fork is one not to be dismissed. Any rafting should consider this fantastic river, which offers a thirty five foot water fall.


Another great river based in the California region is the Tuolumne River. This particular route has been described as the ultimate place to white water raft. Steep gradients and intense challenges make this stretch of water a demanding one. Located right in the middle of the Stanislaus National Forest, the surroundings are also spectacular sights.


Colorado is also another great place to take part in the sport. The Bighorn Sheep Canyon is thirty six miles of badger creeks, tin cups, spider rapids and Texas creeks. This stretch of river offers day trips for all the family and is the best route to take young children for a spot of fun and thrills. Another great place in the Colorado region is the Royal George. This particular part of the Arkansas River is full of sunshine falls, sledgehammer rapids, narrows and wall slammers. May to August is the best time of year to opt for this area.


There are many more exciting and thrilling places located in the United States that offer places and areas where white water rafting can take place.  The assortment of rivers and canyons make America the ultimate place to for the extreme sport. We will continue our journey through the rest of America’s great places to raft in our next article. 

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