DM Register scribes scarf more rhubarb cream pie than NPR!

‘No Pie Refused,’ armed with more forks than ever, is back to conquer hills and devour slices.

As we enter the 45th year of this sprawling bike ride, the sheer variety of reasons that people pedal the width of the state seems inexhaustible. 

That’s why The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) always has been more to me than a way to enjoy a week in the sun without burning precious vacation days. 

It’s my annual reminder never to lose faith in life’s ability to surprise. 

It’s also a refreshing mental cleanse for journalists, considering how the unrelenting news barrage threatens to leave us jaded.

Just ask Scott Horsley, National Public Radio’s White House reporter and a RAGBRAI veteran. 

The political scene, as Horsely put it recently, “is not always humanity at its best.” 

“So it’s nice to spend some time on RAGBRAI when it really is humanity at its best.” 

He has a point: In the D.C. Beltway, every tweet or whisper may be a dagger. On RAGBRAI, we trust strangers with our unlocked bikes. 

Horsley and his colleagues Don Gonyea and Brian Naylor in 2013 first joined our rolling humid Utopia with their NPR team “No Pie Refused,” swapping their high-fidelity microphones for flimsy plastic forks. They fell in love with RAGBRAI, and vice versa. 

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The team has endured with a fluctuating lineup. During the mad rush of last summer’s national political conventions and sour presidential campaign, it…