Norovirus possibly ebbing, according to statistics

The Norovirus outbreak that has spread through Northern California — possibly starting in Yolo County — might finally be shrinking to a manageable number of cases, according to statistics from the county’s Health and Human Services department.

As of May 26, the official countywide case count sat at 3,637 and may not have risen much over Memorial Weekend. Those cases are spread among over 40 Yolo schools.

Some especially affected schools chose to add extra days off to the long holiday weekend, such as Dingle and Tafoya elementary schools and Cesar Chavez Community School. Those schools followed a HHS closure guideline in an attempt to wait out symptoms and contagiousness before students returned to school.

Health and Human Services released a graph to The Democrat laying out some of the infection data. While many factors contribute to the trend of spread, some highlights can be gleaned from the graph, which notes the number of active cases on any given day over the course of April and May.

For starters, the number of cases appears to burst in on a weekly basis. With no school on Saturday or Sundays, those days show far fewer cases because there’s nothing to be absent from; parents didn’t need to report to schools. However, those parents likely reported symptoms early in the next week, causing a spike in case numbers on Monday and Tuesday. The Mondays of May 8, 15 and 22 show large spikes, while the other days of the week peter off toward the weekend.

“One indicator (of Norovirus shrinking) may be at the end of the week if the numbers don’t climb again,” stated Beth Gabor, the county’s information officer. She was referring to the long weekend, and how results of the extra time off may be visible toward the end of the week. “I suspect there are many factors at play.”

Some of those factors may include similar symptoms reported that aren’t Norovirus. Others may never report a Norovirus case, or…

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