Meet the Musicians Who Modeled for Gucci

Alessandro Michele described the models in his 2018 Gucci cruise show as “Renaissance rock ‘n’ roll.” To underline the theme, he cast five musicians as models, including Francesco Bianconi (far left) and Arun Roberts (center).CreditAlessandro Furchino Capria

There’s something universal about Alessandro Michele’s vision of fashion. That’s not to say it’s universally appealing — but rather that Michele’s got his eyes on something bigger than just clothes. At Gucci, the designer crafts an entire creative cosmos, where each facet — from designing new packaging featuring wild beasts and exotic flowers, to redecorating over 500 stores with plush tufted velvet panels and delicately turned bijouterie cases — flawlessly segues into a very particular vision of fashion.

Even the models on which Michele has chosen to unveil his new breed of Gucci have been subject to particular scrutiny — both by the designer himself (who is intimately involved in the casting process of all his shows), and by the industry at large. Rather than just the usual crop of runway walkers, Michele drafts his guys and girls from unfamiliar walks of life: the actress Hari Nef modeled for his fall 2016 men’s wear show, and the artist Petra Collins for women’s wear; back in February, Michele’s fall 2017 show featured the Italian actress Silvia Calderoni, the musician and composer Maxime Sokolinski and the photographer Zora Sicher.

For Michele’s 2018 cruise show, staged in Florence on Monday evening, the selection of faces was more succinctly themed: Alongside the models were five musicians of varying degrees of fame, plucked from the edgy independent music scene in countries from Australia to Italy. They were spotted at concerts by Michele and his team, and approached cold via email. This was the first time any of them had appeared in a fashion show.

“It’s a kind of Renaissance rock ‘n’ roll,” Michele said after the show ended, smiling. “I was thinking to…

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