Life Lessons: Wisdom Wednesday: Aging with grace

Wisdom Wednesday: Aging with grace

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – The number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to more than double  in about 40 years. People are getting older and living longer and while that sounds great, aging can be a struggle for many of us.

For women especially, embracing age can be a challenge. Studies show women struggle more with this issue than men do both personally and professionally.

Nancy Werteen looks at the topic of aging gracefully in Today’s Wisdom Wednesday segment.

Rosalin Petrucci
Director of Marketing
J.G. Petrucci Co Inc.
Mother and Grandmother

“What it doesn’t mean is to focus on your age. “

Annarose Ingarra-Milch
Author of “Lunch With Lucille”
Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

“I’ve turned 40 and I’ve turned 50 and I’ve turned 60, so each time I’ve turned it’s been a growth process. “

Laurie Woolley
Wife, Mother, Grandmother
Son Died of Leukemia on Her Birthday
Public Speaker

Clerical Worker, Northampton County Domestic Relations
“I look forward to aging because with aging came three wonderful grandchildren .”

Jennifer Glose
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Cetronia Ambulance Corps
Single Mother

“Whatever really makes you tick, take that and culture it and make something out of it and I…

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