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Almost everyone seems to be searching for gluten-free options to snack on these days.

Even for who folks don’t have Celiac disease, which is when the body cannot tolerate gluten, a good quality gluten-free product can offer fewer carbohydrates for those who are counting carbs. There is also research indicating that even without Celiac disease, one can still suffer with side effects of eating wheat.

Wheat is the primary source of gluten, although there are smaller amounts found in rye and barley.

Personally, other than watching my carb intake, I do eat plenty of wheat products. However, I like to experiment with other flours from time to time. And I have also received requests for gluten-free recipes.

One flour I like use, which has a good bit of healthy protein, is almond flour. It is found in most larger grocery stores now. I use the super-fine almond flour, but have also used almond meal, which is more coarsely ground.

Using various flours are not necessarily a one-for-one substitute for all-purpose flour but something as simple as my Cheddar Nickel recipe lends itself to an easy swap. The recipe is one I have made for years. It is also in my cookbook, “The Whole Enchilada,” with an addition of finely diced jalapenos.

It is a recipe inspired by the southern classic we know as cheese straws. When I was just starting out, I didn’t have the necessary equipment to make cheese straws. So, I would roll the dough into logs, chill it, and slice it up to make little crackers.

If you have tried that recipe, the dough with all-purpose flour is stiffer. The almond flour leaves the dough with a stickier consistency so I shape it into a log rather than rolling it into one. After chilling and slicing them to bake, the texture is still softer. So they are more like a little biscuit or tea cracker than my other version, which is really crisp.

With the cheddar, grass fed butter and quality almond flour, the ingredients are…

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