Lack of Space? Best Storage Solutions

A lack of space makes storage a daunting task to accomplish. While a small area makes cleaning easy, it causes a lot of problems to consumers who will need to make critical decisions prior to purchasing something. Since the size of a flat is directly proportional to the cost, it is no easy feat for workers earning an average monthly salary. So what are some storage solutions for a lack of space?

Using the walls

Our home is surrounded by walls and walls are an excellent source of storage. However, it is often neglected by many due to the lack of sufficient knowledge to fully utilise the walls. Installing simple hooks on the walls can allow us to hang various things such as towels and utensils in the kitchen, freeing up space in the cabinets which can be used to store other things. In the bedrooms, belts and denim can also be hung on the walls and behind the doors to free up space in the wardrobe for more apparel for the wife.

Under the bed

Did you realise that your bed probably takes up close to half the floor space in your room? How nice it would be if you could store things under your bed. In fact, you can and you should! When buying beds, you should consider getting those with drawers at the bed frame. These free spaces allow for the storage of items such as blankets, comforters, bed sheets and additional pillows and bolsters which would otherwise occupy a lot of space in the wardrobe.

Foldable chairs and tables

It would be elegant and nice if you could have a fully laid out dining table in your living room or kitchen with matching chairs. However this is a huge waste of space if you are already having space constraints. Foldable chairs and tables are excellent solutions to maximise space. When you are not using them, you can simply fold them up and place them against the wall, freeing up the space for something else.

Self storage solutions

When you have tried every possible method to maximise space at home and realise that you are still severely lacking in it, consider self storage solutions. Self storage is a flexible and cost effective way of storing things that you hardly use. Since you only pay for what you use and you can access the items anytime you need to, it is hardly different from your storeroom in your home.

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