How to design your e-book’s cover

You have finally finished writing your eBook, and now it’s time for designing a cover that attracts everyone’s attention. With a number of books in the market how will anyone take a look at your eBook? The title of your eBook first of all will grasp the attention of your readers as well as search engines then the visual impact of your e-book’s cover. If you are able to write a great eBook, but you could not design an amazing cover of that, it all can go wasted. Yes, that’s true; sometimes the covers of books are so attractive that people want to read the books.

It does not mean that you have to overdesign the cover of your eBooks. Just try to keep it according to the theme or subject of your eBook. The cover must depict what type of writing style, or information is there in the eBook for readers. Designing eBooks with irrelevant colors, graphics and images can destroy the whole impression of your eBooks, and your hard work of writing will get wasted like that.

If your think that you can write well but designing is not your art, you can hire the services of a good graphical designer for completing this task for you. But, let me tell you, designing a good e-book’s cover yourself is not a problem now.

Yes, we all are not designers but we have our aesthetics, don’t we? And what if you describe your e-book’s theme to some designer but they don’t get the feel of its writing style as you do. You know your book more than anyone in the world. So use your creativity and try designing a cover for your eBooks yourself. It will not take a lot of your time and you’ll enjoy the process for sure.

Now what is the best software to design an e-book’s cover? There are many options for designing an e-book’s cover. If you feel comfortable with using Microsoft word, as you are a writer not a designer, have you ever explore the designing feature of MS Word. There are amazing text formatting choices and formatting of images as well. You can also use MS Paint for…

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