Hair removal with safe and effective methods: Let’s get down to bare facts

As summer draws to a close, most people want to bare their bodies on the beach, but are faced with the unavoidable or inevitable dilemma of hair removal. They have their body hair shaved, yanked, stripped, pulled, or burning the hair follicles with electric currents. The hair growth is a natural process and differs from one body part to another. An individual can easily get rid of excess and unwanted hair growth on different parts of the body. Also, contrary to the ancient belief in some primitive cultures, hair removal is no longer a taboo. Though it may sound a little superficial or crude, some people are able to project a different image about themselves in their social circles by removing unwanted body hair. Let’s take a closer look at some of the effective hair removal products and methods to help make it easier for you to remove unwanted hair:


Waxing: You can get rid of unwanted hair on your legs and hands with the help of this effective method. At a stretch, waxing can help in cleaning large portion of the body. In this process, wax is applied on the skin and once it cools down, it is removed along with hair from the skin.

Plucking: Tweezers (grasping tools) are used to pluck the unwanted hair strands from the skin. The length of the strands should be long enough to be plucked by the grasping tool.

Shaving: It is one of the most common and temporary method for getting a clear skin. A razor is used to remove the hair just at its base.

Topical sprays: Ultra Hair Away is an effective solution to inhibit the growth of excess hair. It works by penetrating into the follicles and disabling the function of cells that are responsible for it. The best results can be achieved by spraying it on the skin immediately after removing hair. Initially, it can be sprayed twice a day, but after first week, it should be reduced to once a day.

Laser hair removal: This is one of the recently developed technologies to delay the regrowth of hair….

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