From Flowers to Fine China: Rebecca de Ravenel Shares Her Secrets to Gorgeous Summer Entertaining

If you haven’t yet heard of Rebecca de Ravenel, that’s likely to change this summer. De Ravenel is the woman behind Les Bonbons earrings, or in other words, the dangling strands of silk thread– or bead-covered baubles increasingly seen on girls about town. But De Ravenel is no one-hit wonder. Far from it, in fact. Besides the other types of earrings she currently makes, as well as her previous creative ventures, she has one of the most unique, and appealing, aesthetic senses out there. Raised in both the Bahamas and in France, De Ravenel turns everything she touches into a cacophony of color and print. Her New York City apartment is the stuff of interior design legend, and her Instagram feed regularly evidences her masterful understanding of the like-friendly still life. So we wondered, how exactly does De Ravenel set a summertime table? Above, De Ravenel shares images from her recent Memorial Day weekend bash exclusively with Vogue. And below, from fine china to flowers to music, the designer sounds off on her entertaining tips.

You have such a beautiful, and distinctive, aesthetic—as clearly evidenced by your designs and your Instagram feed. How, exactly, did your visual style evolve, and what principles of it come through when you are setting a table?
Having grown up in the Bahamas around such vivid colors, my surroundings have always been very present in my decor. Playing with prints and layering is something you’ll always see on my tables—I love scattering objects and using lots of fresh, pretty things like flowers and fruit. But I started noticing that my table “style” actually became my style when I moved from the Bahamas to New York and then to L.A. It’s followed me to each city that I have lived in, and is very much a part of who I am. 
What are some favorite items that you like to use when guests come over?
My hand-painted blue-and-white plates from Turkey and my new Japanese porcelain glasses….

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