Everything You Need to Know About “Stranger Things” Season 2

Stranger Things fans who expected to wait until Halloween for the next season will get to binge-watch the hit show earlier than expected.

Netflix announced Tuesday that Season 2 will be released on Oct. 27.

You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy summer 2017 and bounce endless theories of the Upside Down off fellow viewers. Is Eleven really alive? What’s that giant spider monster in the trailer? And is Barb still around?

Here’s everything we know about Stranger Things season 2:

1. There will be nine episodes. That’s one more than season one, which means there’s some leg room for the show to really tease out whatever’s after Will and his friends.

2. It’s officially called Stranger Things 2. According to co-creator Matt Duffer, the new season will behave much like the first: as a movie split into chapters. “I know movie sequels get a lot of shit, but the ones we look up to aspire to pivot and do something different,” he tells Entertainment Weekly, citing Temple of Doom, Aliens, and Terminator 2 as inspirations.

3. The new episodes already have titles. They were revealed last August, when Netflix announced that the show was indeed back for a second round. But according to Duffer, some titles have since been changed to throw off fan theories. “You’ve seen it with Westworld — they figured it out! I’ve seen videos analyzing the chapter titles and they’re right on a lot!” he tells EW. Don’t expect him to tell you which ones have changed though. Your guess is as good as a box of Eggos when Eleven is hangry.

4. Eleven is back. After what Eleven did to the Demogorgon in the science classroom at the end of the first season, it was unclear if she survived (based on the fact that her body did more than trigger a nosebleed). Millie Bobby Brown confirmed her return in November 2016 when she posted a photo of a table read on Twitter.

Netflix also confirmed her return to Hawkins in February, when the Stranger…

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