Cleaning, Handling, and Displaying Your Precious Metals

Cleaning: Some people want their coins to look shiny and new so they will go ahead and clean them. I would recommend staying away from cleaning your coins as it could decrease their value. Coins that have been cleaned improperly are less desirable then coins that have not been cleaned at all.

If you truly want your coins to be clean and shiny the best way to go about cleaning them without damaging them is to use mild soap and some water. Do not brush or rub the coins because you don’t want to scratch the surface. Once they are clean use a soft towel to pat them dry.

Handling Your Coins: You will want to make sure that you are very careful when handling your coins not to ruin their condition and therefore decrease its value. The best way to handle them is by holding the coin between your thumb and forefinger along the edge; this will allow you to stay away from touching its surface. Corrosion can begin to surface from the oils from your skin. Before you touch the coin be sure and clean your hands or wear soft gloves.

Also, to avoid dropping your coin and damaging it when you are holding the coin hold it over a soft towel or something that will not damage the coin if you were to drop it. Also do not talk or breathe directly over the coin because drops of saliva could create spot marks.

Displaying Your Coins: There are several different casings available for you to use to display your coins for example, leather or vinyl albums or sleeves, wood cabinet with tray, velvet-lined wood jewelry or silverware boxes, binders, or cherry wood boxes.

Displaying your coins in a leather or vinyl sleeve can be nice and attractive. United States pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters can be purchased in custom-made albums.

Wood cabinets with a tray make a great display case for your coins. A velvet-lined wood jewelry or silverware box can be used to display your beautiful coin collection but you will want to make sure you place each individual coin inside a plastic coin case, see…

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