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If you have a classic car, truck, motorcycle or specialty vehicle, plan to bring them to “Cruisin’ on Pine and 99.” This classic roll-in is coming to Nicollet starting at 5 p.m. tonight, Thursday, June 1, and will happen every other Thursday through Oct. 5 – rain or shine, it will go on!

A committee for this community group effort has been busy planning and coordinating this fun event for the Nicollet community and surrounding area. The committee consists of people representing different organizations, businesses and residents of Nicollet: Alesia Slater, Nicollet Chamber of Commerce; Tom Rieke, Nicollet Conservation Club; Rick Hulke, Rapid Rick’s Bar and Grill; Matt Anthony, City of Nicollet; Lance Severin, resident of Nicollet; Cullen Kennedy and Dave Krueger, Nicollet American Legion; Brian Novak, volunteer; and Denny Hewitt, Nicollet Lions Club.

Severin said, “Spectators are welcome as well as participants. The more the merrier.” Hulke added, “We feel we will have at least 180 spaces available on Pine Street and 99. We are hoping to pull participants from at least a 60-mile radius.”

The committee is continuing to work on other ideas for some of the nights of the roll-in; however, they already know that they will have a punch card to serve as an incentive for participants. If a participant attends seven out of the 10 roll-ins, they will get a prize at the end of the season.

Event t-shirts will be available for purchase at the registration tent for $15. Slater said, “When you arrive, be sure to register your car at the registration tent that will be located on Pine Street near Rapid Rick’s Bar and Grill. Our event sponsor for the evening will also be located on Pine Street across from the registration table.” (See map for full details)

Severin said, “We are also planning a “Mystery Car Part” competition at each roll-in. It will be a part from a car and the winner will need to identify the part and which car that it…

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