Christian Dating Service Washington DC Storm Log: Day 3

A Christian Dating Service Washington DC levy broke about 3 hours ago which, paired with the rain, is causing major flooding. So far, the water has only begun to seep under the doors; we’re only standing in very shallow puddles right now. Hopefully, the storm will end before it gets any worse. Rather, I hope that whatever is preventing the levy water from rushing full force forward stays in place. Our house is only minutes from the levy, so if it is allowed to flow freely, our house will be one of the first to fill.

Living is getting stressful through this Christian dating service dilemma; everyone is hungry and scared, and hearing Bella’s terrified and mournful howls is truly a heart sinking experience. We have no idea how to get her out from under that bed. Half the bed is crushed and pinned down by unmovable beams and a dismantled moped, and the side she is stuck under is unreachable due to the remnants of the roof.

Things just really aren’t going well at all. I think a small fire has broken out down the Christian Dating Service Washington DC street because we smell a sulfuric, smoky scent mixed with the rain. How a fire is managing to flourish under these hellish circumstances is beyond me.

The water is rising in the house! Oh, what a horrible time to live in a ranch style house! I’m rushing to get everyone atop the big, solid wood table in the dining room. That’ll at least keep us from the Christian dating services water for a stint of time long enough to gather what to do next.

Safe on the table now, I just realized that Charlie isn’t with us! And what about poor, stranded Bella? Wait–I hear ecstatic, almost excited, barking coming from the back of the house. It sounds like Bella. It also sounds muffled and gurgled. I think the water has reached her. It is coming in quite fast, almost rushing in like rapids. Silence falls now; all that can be heard is the fast-paced sloshing of the flood waters and the labored breathing of my family. A big slash! What?!…

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