Choose It Right Launches New College Match and Education Service, to Help Student-Athletes and Their Families Make Smarter Decisions about College

I just wish that Choose It Right, with all of its benefits, was available when I was going through my college search process. I know my parents would have loved having this information at their fingertips.

Choose It Right, a St. Louis-based company, today announced that it has launched its new cloud platform. Choose It Right provides online college match and education services that help student-athletes and their families make better decisions about choosing the right college, major and future career, as well as smart loan borrowing, maximizing the chances of getting into the sports program of choice, scholarships, and more.

Using Choose It Right, customers will instantly receive their personalized, all-inclusive Smart College Report. This report includes a list of colleges that best match their preferences and profile, along with numerous resources and information as to how to make the right choices considering the financial aspects of attending college. What is so great about the Smart College Report is that it compresses a process normally taking over 100 hours to just a couple minutes. “We simplify the college search process by eliminating 100+ hours of college research with just the click of a button, so that families can focus on colleges that really fit their needs,” said Tim Twellman, Choose It Right’s SVP of Student Athlete Services.

Choose It Right was co-founded by a team of entrepreneurs, software engineers, content development experts, and former professional athletes, including Tim and his son Taylor Twellman, ESPN’s lead analyst for Major League Soccer and a former MLS MVP, and Jason Pinson, a serial entrepreneur and business executive in Internet-based software companies. They came together sharing the same…

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