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Nisrin Aziz didn’t know what to gift herself for her 30th birthday. But the filmmaker knew it had to be all about her. So last month she sent a photograph of her and her brother to The White Pin Wheel. The company makes crocheted and knitted stuffed toys and happily hand-knitted replicas of the siblings in a fortnight. “I have bindis all over my face, and my doll had them too,” Aziz says.

“You deserve to put yourself in the spotlight by putting yourself on something artistic,” says Aejaz Lokhandwala, founder of Headknockin, a bobblehead company. “Celebrating yourself is the new cool.”

If, for once, you want it to be all about you, there’s plenty to indulge in. From rings that capture your vocal signature to postage stamps that feature your face, these services add a bit of you to things you own.

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Wrap your words around your finger

Soundwave rings engrave your voice on a metal ring.

What would it look like if you recorded your voice and turned it into a piece of art? Vivek Krishna knows it would look very pretty indeed. “When you speak, you create waves of sound that vibrate, resonate and translate,” says the founder of Augrav, a Bengaluru-based e-commerce portal for personalised jewellery. The two-year-old company puts your sound waves on gold, silver and rose gold rings.

Place an order and Krishna’s firm sends a designer to collect your sound waves. “You can speak one sentence that will get engraved on the ring,” he says. A 3-D model is created for review and the ring ships in in three weeks. Your voice in in your hands for as long as you want it.

From Rs 2,500. Visit www.augrav.com.

Get a knitted mini-you

Notice how the boots and hair highlights of the knitted doll match those of customer Rishika Shrivastav.

Through their social-media enterprise TheWhitePinWheel, Arunachal Pradesh sisters Neeta and Namrata (they prefer to use their first names) sell hand-knitted…

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