Aspen Lawn Care, Fertilization and Sod Installation

The ideal healthy height of Colorado turf grasses, predominantly Kentucky bluegrass and long fescue, is 2.5”-3”. Mowing turf grass regularly at this height helps turf grass remain healthy by encouraging develop of deeper root systems. Mow the lawn frequently enough so that no more than one third of the grass blade is removed during a single mowing. IE, if maintaining the grass at a height of 3 inches, cut the grass by the time it reaches 4 inches tall. In the Rocky Mountains this will require altering the mow schedule to reflect turf growth. Ensure that mowing equipment is correctly maintained and that cutting blades are sharpened regularly. Four Seasons recommends mulch mowing. By mulch mowing mulched grass clippings can return roughly 25 to 30 percent of the needed nitrogen that grass requires to be healthy, thereby reducing fertilizer requirements.

Fertilization: Four Seasons is a certified by the State of Colorado for ornamental and turf grass applications. Fertilization of lawns should be undertaken by with an understanding of what has been applied to the lawn previously, irrigation schedule and in some cases a soils test. We broadly recommend three fertilizations a season:

> Spring Weed and feed application containing a pre-emergent.
> Mid Summer application of nitrogen and iron
> Fall Is the ideal time to get the most out of your fertilization of bluegrass turf by promoting a healthier root system and a turf that greens up earlier in the spring.

Irrigation in our dry climate is critical to a healthy turf. The variety of seasons our area can experience in a day highlights the difficulties of correct irrigation throughout a season. Be aware of turf dehydration signs:

1) Stage 1: grass has a purplish tint;
2) Stage 2: blades turn steel gray and foot prints are left when walked upon; and
3) Stage 3: grass blades turn straw color.

Over watering can cause its own issues. The most cost efficient way of staying on top of irrigation issues with your turf grass is to…

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