Alternative election posters: from psychic love waves to Chicken Cottage pledges | Art and design

Corbyn Rebrand’s repurposed logos, featuring Labour manifesto pledges. Photograph: Courtesy: corbynrebrand


We’re not your typical political activists – we work in advertising; what we do isn’t generally political – but we just got fed up. We felt like we had to do something. The world is going in a weird direction at the moment and we find ourselves disagreeing with what politicians are saying more and more each day. We just can’t relate to anything Theresa May says. We read Corbyn’s manifesto and it was clear that he just gets it. And the media’s tarnished representation of him left us feeling so frustrated. They make him out to be irrelevant and outdated when, really, his policies aren’t, especially not for the younger generation – abolishing university tuition fees; banning unpaid internships… Rebranding him felt like a way for people to focus less on him as a person and more on what he believes in and stands for. We borrowed from brands that millennials can’t help but notice (Supreme, Palace, Chicken Cottage…) and put them alongside his policies. The Corona, Palace and Tommy Hilfiger ones feel like the purest expression of our idea. And the Chicken Cottage one makes us laugh. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if, to quote Rants N Bants, he looks like a “divorced geography teacher”, what he’s saying is important. @corbynrebrand

Profit, by kennardphillipps, 2017 Photograph: Kristian Buus/© kennardphillipps

We’re not interested in making partisan statements, but we do feel very politically engaged. And we’re always trying to make images that are critical of what’s happening, but also give the viewer the chance to think their own ideas. We’ve been working with a lot of end-of-reel newsprint, and the pink FT stocks and shares listings pages as a canvas: for us, those pages are like a map of control, both domestic and global. Using them is a way of highlighting the shocking contrast between

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