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With the Official Eragon Coloring Book releasing in just one month (don’t forget to pre-order!), it’s time to get our coloring skills in order! We’ve rounded up a whole host of coloring books we recommend picking up to do just that:

Harry Potter coloring book series

There are a few Harry Potter coloring books to choose from, and truthfully, we’ve enjoyed them all! If you haven’t already snagged one, we recommend grabbing a copy of the Best of Harry Potter Coloring: Celebratory Edition – it has all of our favorite illustrations from the Harry Potter Coloring Book, Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book, and Harry Potter Magical Places & Characters Coloring Book, along with several exclusive, never-before-seen images.

Celebration Edition, $11.99 on Amazon | Original HP coloring book, $9.97
Magical Creatures, $4.99 | Places and Characters, $8.99

Game of Thrones coloring book

Our favorite fantasy television show brings its scheming characters, bloody battles, and incredulous mysteries to black and white illustrations for us to tackle! Turn Geoffry into a clown (revenge is sweet) and honor those characters who were gone too soon. Plus it has some of our favorite dragon coloring book illustrations to date (like the one pictured)!

$10.92 on Amazon | $10.94 on Amazon

A World of Dragons coloring book

A variety of incredible dragons adorn the 31 pages of this book, ranging from mountain dragons soaring through the skies to crystal dragons fighting in an open field. This is one of our top recommendations for fans of the Cycle!

$6.21 on Amazon

Lord of the Rings: Tolkien’s World coloring book

Tolkien’s world is largely credited for being the one to inspire fantasy stories as we know them. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Hobbit novel come to life in this incredible collection of scenes to color, including epic battles, favorite characters, and heart-wrenching scenes!

$14.99 on Amazon

Star Wars coloring book

A galaxy far, far…

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