5 Sex Toys That Are Feminist AF

Between their history as tools for sex education and their mission to bring women more pleasure, sex toys have largely become a feminist venture. So, it’s not surprising that there are specifically feminist sex toys on the market. When we teach women they deserve equality in the bedroom, we teach them they deserve equality in life. And one clear way to send that message is to create products that promote this equality.

What makes a sex toy feminist? For many, it’s the mission to close the gap in sexual satisfaction many men and women experience — sometimes known as the orgasm gap or the pleasure gap. “We believe that we will not have true gender equality until we have pleasure equality,” Alexandra Fine, Dame Products’ Co-Founder and CEO, tells Bustle. “Everyone has the right to sexual pleasure!”

One study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women were over three times as likely as men to say that their last sexual experience was just slightly pleasurable or not pleasurable at all. And another study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that straight women had fewer orgasms than any other group.

To change these circumstances, we need far more than toys. We need people to value women more inside and outside the bedroom. But products geared toward women’s pleasure can provide a jumping point into conversations about these issues, and that’s a start. Here are some sex toys with encouragingly feminist missions.



Crescendo, $179, Amazon

This vibrator acknowledges the vast diversity of human bodies and sexualities by bending to its owners’ preferences. “We know that the best partners move and respond to your every touch,” the toy’s crowdfunding page reads. “They adapt, change, and learn — without any buttons. So we wanted to take that adaptability and bring something revolutionary to pleasure: a brand and device that is responsive to you — no matter what your mood, location, or occasion.”

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